Art and cultural objects are material witnesses to history and therfore create human identity. They foster curiosity and openess and facilitate the understanding of ourselves as much as the realization and understanding of people with different cultural backgrounds living among us and around the world. In this way they are also powerful tools to support the idea of a global understanding and solidarity.


The responsibility to preserve these collections containing often one-of-a-kind objects is shared between public and private museums, archives and governmental cultural institutions. But any care can only be as good as financial and personal ressources allows it to be and these can vary considerably.


As a conservator I see my role in helping cultural institutions to fulfill their mission and meet their goals according to their financial and personal ressources. In cooperation with all involved parties I conduct conservation and restoration projects and develop and implement preventive strategies for the preservation of collections and objects.


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Hildegard Heine




„The rear view mirror is our only crystal ball – there are no guides to the future except the analogues of the past” -

Northrop Frye

Organic Objects - Preventive Conservation -
International Couriering